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Water Bottles - Vulture - Desert Tan

Water Bottles - Vulture - Desert Tan

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Vultures are misunderstood and majestic creatures. They are essential to the health of ecosystems. As scavengers, they feed upon carrion and help stop the spread of disease.

Of all the vulture species in North America, we're enamored with the soot-colored Black Vultures, Coragyps atratus, with wing spans of up to 5' 6", they often hover above us on rides in dry and arid landscapes. 

These 22oz Purist bottles feature a vulture, wings spread, surfing a thermal with The Radavist Rune logo running the width of its body. Illustration by the great Casey Robertson.

Each Black Vulture bottle order will come with a free vulture sticker!

• Purist 22oz bottle with MoFlo cap
• 100% BPA free
• Printed with nontoxic ink
• Made in the USA

Sold as a pair: 1 order = 2 bottles.

Please note we are unable to accept returns for water bottles, so please choose your quantity carefully, thanks!

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